Looking for a magician for your trade show?

        Bob works magic with marketing.

When you have a specific product or service you'd like to introduce or present, consider a magical hand-tailored presentation by Magic Bob Weiss.

Magic Bob mixes his lifetime of creating magical illusions with his years of sales and marketing background to concoct an informative presentation just for your audience.

The shows Bob creates for your corporate events are not your typical magic shows. Each performance is custom-tailored for you, making the magic and entertainment as unique as your company, product, and event.

Many magicians can attract attention to your booth, but few create a presentation, illusions, and “banter” that deliver your product message each step of the way.

Bob's performances are not broken up by long breaks (as those of most commercial magicians). If you’re on the show floor, he's on the show floor.

If there are customers to be brought into your booth, he's out there to attract them. As you or your team step in, he bows out gracefullyor he can work in tandem with your sales person.

Magic Bob is flexible and will work in any way that best compliments your sales efforts.

Like Bob, his trade show illusions are always available; they’re designed to be instantly repeated without time off for resetting.

The result of Bob's trade show magic is fun for all.

Guests learn about your product or service without feeling a “sales pitch.” As your sales staff watches Bob's show they learn about their potential clients.

Take a look and ask around...
You’ll find that many magicians propose and present a canned performance of no relevance to your company, corporate philosophy, product, or message.

With Magic Bob Weiss, the medium is magic,
but your company and product is the message.

Let your potential customers leave your booth with a memorable experience and a long lasting impression of your company and product/services.

Magic Bob Weiss opened this Computer Show Keynote, then wrapped it up.
He also did strolling magic at the show's MacMixer™ earlier.

Want more info about Bob's clients?

Check out
this letter from a client
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Bob's applause page

Phone Magic Bob toll free: 888-65-4-MAGIC
or send a query email to Magic Bob
or email Magic Bob at MagicBobWeiss dot com.

Magic Bob Weiss is based in Los Angeles, California, but is also available to travel to your event location(s).

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